Co-Op Local Community Fund

We're delighted to advise that the Leigh Co-op food and funeral care outlets have once again approved the Leigh-on-Sea Endeavour Trust as one of the groups  they are supporting for the next eleven months though their Local Community Fund.

This is how the scheme works.
  • Every time Co-op members choose Co-op branded products and services and use their Co-op membership card, 1% of what they spend will go to their chosen cause.
  • Co-op members can change their choice at any time until the end of the giving period on 27th October 2018.
  • If members don’t pick a cause then 1% is shared equally between all the local causes in their community.
  • Any funds raised will be distributed to the local cause shortly after the end of the giving period.
If you have a Co-op membership card go here, input your membership card number and please choose the Leigh-on-Sea Endeavour Trust as your preferred local good cause. If you haven’t a membership card you can visit the same web address and register for one.

This is a golden opportunity for us to accumulate some much needed funding.

These are the Co-op outlets in our community:
Food: Leigh On Sea - The Broadway - SS9 1AW
Food: Leigh on Sea - Leigh Rd - SS9 1BZ
Funeral care: Leigh on Sea (TCF) - SS9 2AT

Thank you for thinking of us when purchasing Co-op’s branded products.

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